Online Pokies are high flying casino games offered by quite a number of online gaming portals. Pokies act as a magnet that pulls millions of players from all over the globe. To read more about online pokies and the different game variants available, click

No Strategies Needed

One of the reasons is that even by injecting a small amount of cash, you still can become a millionaire. The only strategy required here is perhaps your common sense and perhaps getting a glimpse of the pokie rules. Pokies is by far one of the simplest casino games.

Relax, you just don't have to memorize those very long sequences of numbers or even endless combinations. Instead, you have all the time to be glued on your screen and make the right decisions. Lets now delve deeper and learn some variants that come with online pokies.

Online Pokies Variants.

Normally, pokies is broken down into three categories. There is the regular, 3-reel classical machines and progressive online pokies. The regular pokies variant comes with fixed winning values. Indeed, all winning combos are shown on the paytable. The jackpot variant also comes with some fixed size combos.

The progressive pokies, the jackpot grows by the day as more and more players make bets. This often accumulates to a money pool sort of thing. Notably, jackpots can be hit everyday. In this case, you might not be sure whether the next spin will make you smile altogether.

3 Reels Classical Pokies

The classical pokies is also known as fruit machine pokies or even Vegas-style pokies. This variant comes with 3 reels and a bunch of fruit-themed symbols. It comes with a fixed jackpot. Notably, the winnings here are way less as compared to the progressive jackpots.

On the flip side, this online pokies variant offers a higher payout percentage. This simply means that if y you aren't willing to invest too much cash and still need bigger payout percentages, you could consider the classical online pokies as opposed to the others.

How to Play Pookies

Playing pokies in a physical machine simply needs you to insert a coin or a note and start interacting with the game with a number of buttons. In the online version, you simply decide how much you want to wager and interact with the game via a number of buttons.

Here, there are no tricks or any secret combinations that will assist you to land a win. Everything else here is sheer luck and you may need to just hope that lady luck falls on your side. Just like in slots, there are bet lines as well.

Some Common terms

The first and most common term that you will find here is Credit Size. This assists you to change the associated variable, such as 1C, 2C etc. The Credits per Line button is used to add or remove credits in a line. The spin button starts the game.

If you are looking to try out your luck in a casino, online pokies might be the best way to try it out. This is perhaps due to the reason that it is one of the games that is absolutely determined by luck only and not crammed combos.