When it comes to playing online slots, the first thing you should check is the availability of bonuses. By using these bonuses right, you can stretch your winning spree and make a lot of money confidently. While most casinos offer free bonuses to all its new players, good casinos like http://www.za4online-casino.com also keep giving out bonuses to existing players to keep them excited about playing.


What are welcome bonuses?

Bonuses are simply extra benefits that casinos offer their players. Almost all casinos offer a welcome bonus as a package to players who register online on their website for the first time. Websites like http://www.anderplatz.net/ offer amazing welcome bonuses for their players that are attractive and very enticing. It is important that you choose authentic casinos like these to ensure the bonuses are worth playing for.

Usually, welcome bonuses can be in the form of free spins, matching deposits, or on-site currencies. You will have to read the terms and conditions of each casino to understand their welcome bonus package. Players can also choose whether or not they want to accept the welcome bonus. If you are thinking of looking for a new online casino to play, definitely check their welcome bonus offers first.

No deposit welcome bonuses

This is one common type of welcome bonus that offers the best possible benefit to players. In this type, when you register with the online casino, you get on-site cash or a deposit bonus that you can use to try out all the slots you want without depositing money of your own. This is great to try out the different online slots the casino has.

Many people hesitate to play online slots because they do not want to deposit their cash before finding out if the game is worth the time and money spent. In such scenarios, offering no deposit bonus is a great way to pull people into registering and trying out online slots. You can use the bonus, try out the slot and only deposit money if you find the game interesting.

Deposit welcome bonuses

This is also a common welcome bonus that casinos offer. In this mode, you will have to deposit a certain amount to start playing and as a welcome offer, the casino will match the deposit money you spent. The percentage of deposit they match can be 100%, 75%, or lesser depending on the casino you choose. Here are some other types of casino bonuses to look out for.

  • Free play bonuses
  • Free spin bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • Highroller bonuses
  • Cashback bonuses

All these bonuses are offered both to new and existing players and their value varies depending on the terms and conditions of the casino. If you are new to the iGaming world and want to reduce your risks of losing money playing online slots, familiarize yourself with these different bonus types and then make use of them to bring down your deposit requirement.

What are wager requirements?

Wager terms are rules you will see attached to all these welcome bonus packages and other types of casino bonuses you are offered. Talk to the casino's customer support team if you have a doubt on the wager terms. Wager is the bet that you place while playing an online slot. Some casinos have a minimum betting amount below which you will not be able to use the bonus.

It is important to analyze the wagering terms before you decide to accept it. In some cases, the wagering amount may be staggeringly high and you might decide to opt-out of considering the bonus. In other cases, by betting the wagering amount and by making use of the bonus too, you can play to your heart's content, take calculated risks and win big.

Advantages of welcome bonuses

Good welcome bonuses definitely give you enough reason to register with a new casino and try out a new online slot. Players are the most important reasons why such casinos survive and hence these iGaming websites keep offering enticing bonuses to bring more players in. You can definitely keep a watch out for these offers and grab them at the right time.

Using these welcome bonuses, especially the no deposit ones, will give you the needed confidence to try out a new game with minimal risk. If you are a serious player and want to do well at online gaming, then you cannot always depend on your luck while playing. By creating a strategy on how to use bonuses right, you can extend your winning streak.